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वह झील जहां सपनों की  छाया होती थी ..

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Ongoing Scripts
Hindi Novels & Film Scripts conceived ……… to be completed by the end of 2009, Ensha Allah!

1. 11 DIN (11 DAYS)
Peter loved Martha more than he loved himself. So did Martha. But due to a childhood problem, Peter never trusted men and never wanted his fiancee goes alone to Norway to meet her sister, Donna. He feared that Donna's man – Tommy – will charm her. But Martha went. In those 11 days of tearful separation what happened to a suspicious, afraid, doubtful, depressed and timid Peter? He was equipped with the "sixth sense" and knew everything that happened in Norway with his beloved. But his sixth sense did not convey the one and only central theme that "Peter … your beloved loves you only and is pure and safe for you". What we fear, that we find.

Peter committed suicide but his death revealed the truth that "we attract what we feel" ….. and his brother MACK, a famous director of British Cinema, picked up the novel "11 DAYS" and made a great film.

(I am currently working on this script …)

2. SURANG (The Tunnel)
A script based on near-death experience of a saintly soul ….. the passing through a dark tunnel …….. attractive charm-deviators prompted by Satan ……. and his final encounter with God! A symbolic novel and film-script depicting this mortal world as a dark long tunnel with sparkling hallucinations tempting the 'existence' ….. but those who keep straight, meet God where the tunnel ends.

3. AANDHI ME GANDHI (Gandhi in Storm)
No …… not a script on the life of Mahatma Gandhi! The life story of an idealist for whom the Mahatma was a role model …… his struggles through the odds and evens of a corrupt system …. And his final victory! GANDHI is a Symbol. He lives in every being but to release the latent Gandhian power, one needs to face storms.

4. HEMA DIDI (Sister Hema)
Daughter of a rich zamindar of Bihar …. living in a remote village …. her heart filled with love ….. her surpassing beauty and sisterly love that attracted the author to her when he was just a child. Hema Didi was loved by a poor and intelligent young doctor of the village ….. a love that had to end and bow down before the vainglories of a rich family. Hema Didi was married to another man …. and one day she died of cancer in the lap of the same young doctor.

5. DHUAN GHAR KI CHHOKRI (The Lass of the Tavern)
Touching story of an orphan girl who was picked up by the owner of a tavern and brought up to be a pimp at last. A girl's life given to an endless hell …. body-charming …. lap-warming ….. dirty world of men! With dreams sunken in the depth of her heart, she danced and pleased people and grew as a drug-addict. But one day an "angel" appeared in the tavern and her life changed. Love emancipates, isn't it?

6. DHUNDHLI IMARAT (The Misty House)
Here he was born and had met his love and died when he was too young. Here again he came in his next birth ….. met his love and died again. And again he was born …. and found his love finally! In Geeta, Lord Krishna says: O Arjuna! Such people who truly endeavored for their emancipation but failed in the long run before reaching the culmination, are born again in some prosperous, sacred family (Geeta, 6:41).

The story of an angelic soul's progressive journey towards his quest of love! A story of three successive births of a soul!

[For Hollywood (English) movies to be based on these scripts, translation service will me made available on payment]

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