गुरुवार, 25 दिसंबर 2008


"ADRISHYA HAATH" (The Invisible Hands) is the upcoming film-script of S.C. Mishra. This is story of an Australian actress who fell in love with an African football player ... they met ... they romanced ... and they got a child who was LOST and brought up in a orphanage while the "luxury-prone" footballer left the actress for ever. But the "mother" inside the actress never forgot that child. She looked for him ... searched the whole world. And he appeared when he was a bloomed-up youth ... a soccer celebrity of the world ... with his own 'unknown' father as his fan. So ... what happens? Does the actress gets her lost love ... and her lost child? Which "invisible hands" saved the forlorn child all these years? Is it a tragic end or all smiles? EVEN THE WRITER DOES NOT KNOW AS OF NOW. WAIT ... AS HE IS WAITING!

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